Indoor Refinish Environment®

Unlock a world of space-saving, labor-saving, and cost-saving benefits with our cutting-edge automotive repair solution. Experience an efficient workflow that elevates productivity, profitability, management, and control, ensuring a robust return on investment .

Envision a plug and play refinish environment that transcends location constraints, propelling your performance to new heights while upholding full sustainability and compliance.

IRE Image
Easy Installation


  • Seamlessly integrate into any existing indoor facility, eliminating the need for cumbersome structural changes

  • Supercharge productivity by combining a swift 1-hour process with efficient repairs of mid-sized areas (1-3 panels) 

  • Our space-saving portable design liberates your space for other operations when the system is not in use 



  • Streamline your operations with a simple one-touch operating mode, empowering you to handle small to medium repairs and refinish tasks effortlessly 

  • Automatic monitoring of internal VOC levels and external emissions ensures safety, triggering alarms when necessary

  • Advanced analytics precisely track paint and materials usage and measure productivity, enhancing profitability and maximizing your return on investment 



  • Our advanced, fully compliant 3-stage filtration system eliminates the need for chimneys, prioritizing eco-friendliness

  • Enjoy the freedom of installation anywhere, as our solution requires no external ventilation, eliminating limitations 

  • Embrace a cost-effective choice that benefits both the environment and your budget. 

  • Our patented VOC monitoring system safeguards a secure working environment with over 95% availability 


We look forward to taking the next step towards building this partnership. ​