Immerse yourself an integrated suite of advanced technologies meticulously crafted to enhance safety, promote sustainability, and ensure compliance


This intelligent system, powered by advanced IoT and AI technology, offers smart control over various operational factors, including emissions, ventilation, and paint spraying. The Greenbox ensures outgoing air is cleaner than the incoming air, delivering on the promise of a safe and sustainable working environment. It comprises: 

VOC Monitoring

VOC Monitoring:

The Greenbox is sensitive to all internal Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels. It actively manages these levels to ensure safety, sustainability, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics:

Providing actionable insights for process optimization, the greenbox captures and reports on all data and user statistics in real-time. These analytics provide essential metrics for improving efficiency and productivity.


Advanced Filtration and Ventilation Systems

A cornerstone of Carheal X®’s commitment to sustainability and compliance. The 3-stage filtration system eliminates the need for external ventilation, collaborates with the Greenbox to manage VOC levels effectively, and ensures clean, compliant operations. 


Lighting System

Employing advanced lighting technology, the Carheal X® system provides optimal visibility during repair and refinish operations. This precision lighting ensures accurate work and high-quality results, irrespective of the ambient lighting conditions in the installation location.   


One-Touch Operating Mode

Simplifying complex operations, the one-touch operating mode allows for high throughput repairs. This integrated technology empowers even novice operators to efficiently manage repair operations with a single touch, saving time and minimizing potential errors. 

Each of these technologies plays a pivotal role in CARHEAL X®’s promise to deliver same-day repairs, sustainable operations, and efficient processes

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