Modular Repair Centre®

Introducing our groundbreaking automotive repair facility, revolutionizing the way we process vehicles. At the forefront of cutting-edge design, our facility leads the way in minimizing ecological harm while delivering exceptional results. With a relentless commitment to innovation and six decades of industry expertise, we have created a facility that surpasses expectations and dares to think outside the box.

Imagine a 1500 sq.ft prefabricated plug-n-play workspace meticulously designed to repair three vehicles simultaneously with only two movements. This remarkable workspace can be assembled on-site in just four days beating the lowest carbon footprint by air volume available today.


Built for unparalleled operational efficiency

  • Every part of our workspace is meticulously utilized, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for optimal time investment 

  • With a versatile configuration incorporating the Indoor Refinish Environment, dedicated paint mixing room, high-performance wheel machine, welfare provision and a welcoming customer reception area, our center is fully self-sufficient to address contemporary demands and future requirements, repairing vehicles with up to four panels of damage 

  • Our workspace is purposefully designed to optimize productivity, accommodating simultaneous processing of three vehicles, including MET, Panel, Paint, and Refit services, with only two vehicle movements 

Prefabricated yet customizable

Featuring a prefabricated design

  • Our 1500 square feet, 12m x 12m building is part pre-assembled in a 40ft shipping container, allowing easy installation on any hard standing area without intrusive pillars or waste 

  • Custom configurations can be tailored to your specific needs, with worldwide shipping and on-site installation in just four days 

Eco sustainable with an iron clad warranty

Embracing eco sustainability:

  • Our workspace incorporates energy-efficient design, environmentally friendly materials, and construction methods, significantly reducing ecological impact

  • Easily plug-in air source heating and cooling, with the option to incorporate solar panels for sustainable energy solutions

  • With solar-ready capabilities and zero reliance on fossil fuels, our revolutionary repair center has the potential to generate more energy than it consumes, aligning with your journey towards net carbon-zero 



Prefabricated modular construction delivered factory-direct 
Walls & roof prefinished with insulated materials 
High performance doors & windows pre-installed 


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Customizable configurations available to meet specific requirements
Turnkey solution, complete with software, technicians, and consumables
Indoor Refinish Environment